ECF Technology
■What is ECF:
The liquids, which can move in an electric field, were named "ECF (Electro Conjugate Fluid)" in 1995. More than 50 kinds of ECFs were found, and the mixture formulation is arranged for the applications.
■ECF Phenomena:
ECF generates a strong jet flow upon a voltage application.
■ECF technology application:
ECF micromotors, ECF paperpumps, ECF muscle and ECF thin cooling devices, etc. were under development using a driving force generated by an ECF strong jet flow.
■ECF technology development partner:
ECF applications are under joint research work with following partners.
Prof.Y.Sakurai in Ashikaga Institute of Technology
 └ ECF application example: ECF-direct-cooling device for CPU
Prof.K.Takemura in Keio University
 └ ECF application example: ECF micromotor/ ECF muscle/ ECF rate gyroscope
■ECF technology:
Papers (PDF)
■ECF Patent Status:
・USP:  USP6030544
USP6530217, etc.
・EPC more than 3
・JPN more than 20
■About ECF:
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